Our Certifications

Winner Engineering is ISO 9001:2000 accredited with the following scope:

  1. Design & installation of Central Air conditioning include fabrication of ductworks
  2. Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems


Quality Objectives

To deliver and to provide sustainable competitive advantage to our CUSTOMERS and other stake- holders in our business- employees, shareholders and community we are accountable for the following deliverables.

Objectives Targets
QS/ Sales Department 

– To achieve Zero customer compliant
– To improve costing and reduce New Project Cost



Account Department 

– To achieve Zero Error in processing account documents



Production / Workshop 

– To reduce nonconformity at production
– To achieve 100% lot acceptance
– To achieve FREE accident at workshop



Purchasing Department 

– To reduce xx% of material cost for each year



Project Department 

– To reduce xx% of material cost for each year
– To achieve FREE accident on site



Personnel / HR Department 

– To achieve minimum staff turnover rate
– To achieve minimum staff training

Management Staff



10 hrs /yr
5 hrs /yr

Regular weekly, monthly and yearly management meetings, both informally and formally are executed to review, reinforce, and communicate any changes in customers needs or system requirements through ALL levels of management & operations structure to implement this ISO 9001 Management System to achieve the Quality- Management Policies and Objective-Targets.